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The Benefit of Managing Unsubscribes

Marketers should not just view the unsubscribe as a CAN-SPAM mandate, but rather see it as an opportunity to improve marketing campaigns and let go of those recipients that just don't want to be a client. No marketer wants to lose a potential client for any reason, but when a recipient is deleting emails without taking action, or worse yet, marking messages as spam, accept that these recipients are not the best potential clients anymore.

Processing an unsubscribe correctly and quickly builds brand reputation and improves email delivery. From a branding standpoint, if you continue to send emails to customers that no longer wish to receive them they will, at the very least, view your brand poorly. From a delivery point-of-view, processing an unsubscribe helps you ensure that you do not get blocked by various ISPs.

In this article, Spencer Kollas explains how to properly manage the unsubscribe process to improve your marketing campaigns.

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