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Laurie Hood answers the question "How can I increase conversion rates for my e-mail newsletter content?" here. This is what she says:

We know that buyers at the early stages of the buying process are most often business or IT professionals conducting research about the different offerings in the marketplace. For these buyers, marketers need to clearly set out in their e-mail newsletters what the buyer is going to learn by reading the content. You can do this by clearly defining the nature of the content in the title and have the content written in simple terms and with an easy-to-follow layout.

Buyers later in the buying cycle are looking for very product-specific information. In order to engage these readers and convert them into sales opportunities, it is important to have a clear, compelling title and teaser for your content; let the reader know you are going to provide them something of value. Titles that are more action-oriented, using words such as “implement” and “convert,” often perform well with buyers in this stage of their process.

To increase conversion rates from content in your e-mail newsletters, remember a few simple tips.

1. All good communication has an objective. Your content must:

  • Attract the right audience. (Who exactly are you trying to reach and what do they want to know?)
  • Engage your reader.
  • Inform or educate your reader.
  • Persuade your reader. (The information should be credible and trustworthy.)

Once you have identified who your audience is and established why you want to target them, write in the language of your reader. Tailor your message for each distinct audience.

2. Your e-mail newsletter title is the key to success with your content. The title should be tailored to the audience you are targeting, just like the content. A creative, meaningful title will grab a reader’s attention, gain their interest and compel them to click on your content, thereby converting a legitimate sales opportunity for your pipeline. Your title must be compelling, but it should not be deceptive or you will lose your reader’s trust.

3. Be knowledgeable and objective with your content. Your content should be well-researched and accurately portrayed, and it should demonstrate your understanding of the industry as well as your reader’s specific business needs.


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