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31 Content Tips And Ideas For Your Email Newsletters

Mark Brownlow wrote yet another great article! This one focusses on how to ensure enough decent content to keep readers interested, engaged and impacted by your emails.

In this article you can find some tips to keep the content flowing and actual content ideas to save yourself some thinking time.

Content management tips:

1. Keep a content folder
2. Develop reserve content
3. Watch your numbers
4. Sign-up to your competitors' newsletters
5. Go where your readers go
6. Talk to sales reps and customer service
7. Partner
8. Recycle
9. Let readers choose
10. Consider reducing length and frequency

Content ideas:

1. Problem / solution
2. How-tos
3. Top tips
4. Opinion / analysis
5. Look into the future
6. Fable
7. Horror/disaster story
8. Case study
9. Seasonality
10. Reviews
11. Educational content
12. "Best of"
13. Surveys / feedback request
14. Event recommendations
15. Resource links
16. Amusing or inspirational anecdotes, stories and quotes
17. Answering feedback
18. Interviews
19. News
20. Statistics and lists
21. Quizzes

Read the full article here

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