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66% Of Belgian Companies Are Satisfied With The Results Of Email Marketing

3 in 5 Dutch Companies Are Using Email Marketing

According to a recent survey by Belgian email provider Emailgarage, more than half (52%) of Dutch companies are satisfied with the results of email marketing. The survey focused upon the development and trends of email marketing in the Netherlands.

77% of the companies that took part have added email marketing to their marketing mix. The main reasons cited for not using email marketing were the lack of the correct tools, the lack of efficient contact databases and a lack of relevant knowledge.

Email actions and newsletters sent to addresses in the company database were noted as being a success. On average, 39% of emails sent to company’s own databases were opened as opposed to half as many when using rented address lists. The click-through rate for the company database was also markedly higher than for rented address lists: 23.4% versus 12.5%.

The enrichment of the company database is a top priority for 45 per cent of the respondents.

It was widely realised that email addresses could be collected from any or all existing points of contact – website; point-of-sale; call centre; direct mailing; face-to-face etc. However, only 62% of the companies succeed in addressing their email recipients by their correct name. Only 30% take their relationship with the recipient into consideration when deciding upon tone-of-voice.

Both the open rate and the click-through rate were 2% higher in Business-to-Consumer emails than in Business-to-Business emails. In a Business-to-Business environment, the email open rate was 29% and the click-through rate was 16.8%.

The results of email campaigns are measured consistently by the respondents, 33 per cent even measures the interaction as far as a personal level. Obviously, the results of email campaigns are consistently measured by those involved, with 33% reporting that the interaction was measured as far as the personal level.

The latest email Trend Report of Double-Click placed the international average for opened email at 32%, and the click-through rate at only 9.7%. Dutch companies seem to – according to their own figures – generate more clicks in their emails.

The goals for email marketing are to support branding, customer relations, sales, to generate new contacts and build traffic to the websites. More than half of the respondents are satisfied with the results. Furthermore, 67% believes that email marketing plays an important role in their marketing mix. For more than one third (35%), this is even at the cost of other marketing activities.

‘Yet the efficient integration of different media has a high ranking on the agenda’, maintain the researchers. ‘Marketers try-out where email scores the best –acquisition, growth, retention – and where it can best be combined with other media channels such as direct mail, webinars or telemarketing.’

According to the Dutch email marketers the two biggest threats are the still evolving spam issues and the erosion of the used data-banks.

Source: Emailgarage.com

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