3 in 5 Dutch Companies Are Using Email Marketing
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66% Of Belgian Companies Are Satisfied With The Results Of Email Marketing

An online survey conducted by Belgian email provider Emailgarage shows a positive trend on the use, role and success of email in the marketing mix of Belgian companies.

The survey reveals that, in the 2005-2006 timeframe, seven out of ten Belgian companies used email in their marketing mix. Mainly the email campaigns and newsletters sent to contacts on their own address lists were successful.

The percentage of opened emails on these lists averages 35%, which respondents say is around two times more than with rented email address lists. With an average click-on-link percentage of 14,5 % there is a marked growth of 45% versus 2004.

Email campaigns are also being measured more consistently than before. 44% of the companies measures interaction even up to personal level.

Belgian companies are pursuing the following objectives: maintaining relationships with customers, supporting sales, creating traffic to web sites, generating new contacts and supporting brand recognition.

82% state that email marketing plays an important role in the marketing mix. For 49% of the respondents this is even at the expense of other marketing activities.

The efficient integration of the different media is high on the agenda. Marketers are testing where email scores best (acquisition, growth, retention) and where it is best combined with other media channels such as direct mail, webinars or telemarketing.

The development of an in-house email database remains a constant challenge. 59% of the respondents - compared with 76% in the previous survey -- now have this as their top priority. Every existing contact moment (web site, point of sale, call centre, mailshot or face-to-face interview) is now used to collect email addresses.

A vast majority ask for permission beforehand to send emails, or work within the framework of the law. 51% of the respondents claim that they hardly ever receive any spam complaints.

When questioned about sub-tasks that are out-sourced, 15 to 25% leaves email design, copywriting, dispatch, measurement and reporting to specialised companies or obtain professional advice from them on these subjects. However, the definition of the marketing strategy and management of the email address lists are usually carried out internally.

Belgian companies are still not personalising their email campaigns to full effect. About 55% of companies manage to address recipients using their correct name. Only 4 out of 10 companies take the relationship they have with the recipient into account (customer/prospective customer/…).

Source: Emailgarage.com

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