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Did .Mac's Support For CSS Completely Disappear?

Apple has introduced a new webmail client for their .Mac customers. .Mac's previous webmail client had amazing support for CSS and standards-based markup. So CampaignMonitor's Mark Wyner decided to test the new webmail client on it's CSS support -- and his first tests lead him to believe that .Mac's support for CSS completely disappeared!

Basically it comes down to this:

The new .Mac takes an approach similar to that of Yahoo, whereby a message ID is applied to a new all-encompassing container DIV and every style is prefixed with the respective ID to create child selectors… (read the original post by Mark Wyner to view some code examples). .Mac adds a gratuitous DIV just inside the new #messageCanvas DIV, consequently rendering all CSS useless…

A second test seemed to have solved the problem: Mark added his own child-selector system in the CSS, but did not add it to the HTML. However, the fix Mark found would render the CSS useless in every other email client because the new DIV would only appear in .Mac.

His conclusion: either we support other clients or we support .Mac. The former is the obvious choice, leaving us with .Mac emails looking like those rendered in Gmail and Hotmail.

Or is there an alternative? One of the commenters on Mark's post thinks you should be able to get around this problem by doing something like this:

div > #BodyImposter {

Which .Mac would transform in to:

#messageCanvas_070C9153 > #BodyImposter,
#messageCanvas_070C9153 > div > #BodyImposter {

Other browsers would still be able to apply the rule using the child-selector.

I'm not a CSS expert, so I can't tell you if this will actually work. So any comments and suggestions are more than welcome! :o)

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