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Phishing is the effort to steal sensitive identity or financial data through fraudulent email seemingly sent from banks, investment houses, government agencies, e-commerce divisions of major retail brands, or online auction and payment-transfer services. The email redirects users to authentic-looking but bogus sites that collect the data and use it for identity theft and other crimes.

As a sender, you needn't have your company name or brand identity hijacked to be a phishing victim. Now that ISPs are cracking down on fraudulent email just as they have on spammers, your email practices could get you wrongly blocked as a potential phisher.

Also, many email clients are being updated to sniff out phishing attempts. To determine whether an email could be a phishing scam, the client looks for a link in your HTML message where the display text is a URL. If the displayed link is different from the actual URL, the client alerts the user.

So to avoid you are mistakenly flagged as a phisher you should revise how you handle message text, especially if you use tracking technology that encodes the URL.

All email service providers (ESPs) do this as a customer service; many in-house systems do, too. However, ISPS now look for mismatched URLs and will block or filter any they find.

Don't put your domain name in the display text of an HREF email tag, which is what your readers see in the message: <a href="http://www.yoursite.com">http://www.yoursite.com</a>. Tracking technology could encode it so that it looks like this, creating a mismatch: <a href="http://ESP.com/c.html?rtr=on&s=3d2">http://www.yoursite.com</a>.

Instead, use a descriptive term or describe the action you want readers to take: <a href="http://www.yoursite.com">Visit us here</a>. Readers will still see a clickable link, but any encoding for tracking will not create a mismatch.

Read the full article for more tips on how to avoid you wrongly get blocked as a potential phisher.

Source: ClickZ

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