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MarketingSherpa releases the Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007

MarketingSherpa published its fifth annual Email Marketing Benchmark Guide today. The 317-page Guide includes real-life email campaign results from 3,637 surveyed emailers.

The complete guide features 233 new charts and tables, 21 images and eight new eyetracking heatmaps on the topics of:

  • Email open rates, click rates (CTRs), and conversions for 3,637 marketers, including year-over-year email trend data for house lists, rented email lists, and email advertising.
  • New data on email design that works best -- which factors from copy to graphics can improve (or depress) results.
  • How email filters affect opt-in emailers' delivery rates, and if false positive rates are getting better year over year.
  • List growth data - including new stats on co-registration and opt-in form design.
  • Ecommerce marketing and email, including new data on affiliate's compliance with email legislation.
  • Mobile marketing in the US in 2007.

Having bought the 2006 edition, I can definitely recommend this guide!

Click here for more information.

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