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Authentication Summit 2007

On 18 and 19 April the Authentication Summit 2007 takes place in Boston. It's a two-day intensive program focused on online authentication, identity and reputation.  Summit 2007 builds upon the success of the past two Summits, with several enhancements including expanding the event to 2 full days, and three tracks, highlighting best practices in email, Web and domain authentication.

Here's an overview of the general and breakout sessions:

General Sessions:

  • Keynote - Establishing Trust to realize the full potential of computing and messaging in an interconnected world
  • Internet Identity Crisis - What are we solving and the risks of indecision?
  • Internet Battlefield - Where are the threat vectors and what is the best defense?
  • Evolution & Future of Electronic Messaging and Communications - Thinking Outside of Today's Inbox
  • Impact to consumer trust and confidence; how authentication is defending against phishing
  • State of the State - Authentication Scorecard and view of the Fortune 500, ecommerce and Financial Services Industries
  • What it takes to authenticate inbound and outbound mail - Lessons Learned,
  • Impact to email deliverability and false positives
  • Trying Reputation to Authentication - Great You have A Drivers License but What is Your Driving Record?

Breakout Intensive Sessions:

  • Deep Dive into DKIM and Sender ID - How combined they are better than alone. Use case scenarios, fringe cases and lessons learned.
  • Integrating email authentication Inbound - How does it fit within a layered Enterprise Architecture?
  • Beyond Authentication - Identity
  • Online Banking ? Best practices and the future, will customers and their accounts be safe?
  • Self Protection, Prevention & Compliance - What a domain holder can do to protect and prevent their domain from being compromised and what they should do when they have been compromised - Case Study
  • Authentication Lessons Learned -  What email marketers must do and how can they best work with their IT departments?
  • Email Deliverability Best Practices - The 360 Degree View
  • emarketing - optimizing your brand for customer confidence
  • Emerging Accreditation & Reputation Solutions - Industry Update & Roundtable
  • Beating online criminals at their tricks ? An insiders perspective

If you're interested, you can find out more here.

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