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Marketers Not Integrating Email: Survey

Email marketing still apparently has a long way to go in terms of integration and analysis. Sixty-five percent of marketers surveyed said they don't integrate email with their other sales channels,according to a survey released last week by marketing software provider Alterian.

Most respondents said that the biggest obstacle to integration is that online and offline marketing activities are managed by separate departments.

Also, 70% of respondents said they applied basic or no analysis to any of their email campaigns. However, 81% of the 540 marketers in North America and the U.K. surveyed said they plan to boost their spending on email this year, whereas 51% said they plan to increase their offline direct marketing spending in 2007. And 94% of the respondents who said they will decrease offline marketing spending this year intend to increase online marketing spending.

Meanwhile, 44% of the marketers surveyed said they manage their email programs inhouse, 29% said they outsource to email service providers, 15% said they send the work to agencies, and 11% said they use marketing service providers.

Seventy-one percent of the marketers surveyed said they send fewer than 1 million emails a month.

Source: Multichannel Merchant

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