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Merge Web Analytics With Email Marketing Metrics (podcast)

Email marketing is about information. The more you know about your customers and prospects, the more you can improve response rates, lifetime loyalty and revenue from your email programs. Click-stream data and Web analytics can provide marketers with detailed, actionable information to dramatically improve ROI.

If you want to generate 9 times more revenue and up to 32 times better net profit, you should listen to this podcast (RSS | MP3 | 59 minutes | 23.7 MB).

You'll learn how to:

  • Develop triggered emails that remind customers what they left in shopping carts and offer them incentives to finalize the transaction.
  • Send customers messages based on what pages, categories or products they browse on your site.
  • Renew and refresh relationships with customers who have returned to your site after an extended absence by sending automated email messages welcoming them back.
  • Set up correct tracking
  • Decipher and interpret the data using dashboards
  • Compare and contrast Web analytics and shopping carts vs. Web analytics and site experience (do you optimize experience or revenue?)
  • Get insight into Business Intelligence with real-time email triggers. Learn from the school of hard knocks (what we've learned, what not to do and how to present the value in an organization)

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