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What's The Best Email Contact Strategy For Retail?

I just came across an interesting post on Kevin Hillstrom's blog. This is his dilemma:

You are the marketer at a multichannel retailer. You decide to survey your customers about your email practices, because pundits suggest that customers are now in control over your marketing activities.

Your customers surprise you. Instead of the one email campaign you send them each week, customers overwhelmingly tell you they want a monthly email, and maybe three additional campaigns for major sales events.

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Email Marketing Benchmarks - Key Trends for 2007 - Webinar

Vertical Response is hosting a webinar based on the new edition of MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007 on January 16th at 11am PST (8pm CET). The webinar will be presented by MarketingSherpa's Anne Holland and Stefan Tornquist.

You'll learn:

  • Surprising new open and clickthrough benchmark data
  • How to redesign your email newsletter and sales alert templates to improve results
  • (based on new eyetracking heat maps)
  • Discover if segmentation, personalization, or other advanced tactics are worth testing for your program

Click here to register.

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Email Marketing Benchmark Data for 2007: Download Presentation Handouts

For those of you who didn't make it to their live conference call last month on Email Marketing Benchmark Data for 2007, MarketingSherpa now offer a download of their recorded MP3 audio file (8MB) and the 16-page PowerPoint presentation PDF, including eight new data charts and an eyetracking heatmap.

Highlights include:

  • What email tests work best.
  • List growth rates by industry.
  • How to improve delivery.
  • Has mobile marketing’s time finally arrived?

If you haven't got it already, I can highly recommend purchasing MarketingSherpa's Email Marketing 2007 Benchmark Guide.

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UK Email Marketers Now Have To Include A Valid Company Address In Email Footers

Janine Popick reports on her blog that the UK has updated  the Companies Act 1985 to the Companies Act 2006 and has some additional requirements for email and websites.

All companies that send email from the UK need to put their registered address in the footer (instead of just a valid company address) along with their company registration number and place of registration.

Read more here and here.

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Email Rendering All the Rage These Days

by Jeanniey Mullen (Partner-Senior Director of E-mail Marketing at OgilvyOne worldwide, New York)

Email rendering is all the rage these days and the latest battlefront in the deliverability wars. And it doesn't look like this issue is going away in 2007. Thanks to the help of some of our experts at the EEC, we wanted to take a look at what all the hoopla is about.

Rendering Insight #1: Knowing if your messages look and function properly in the many email readers.
Email readers can be Web-based such as Yahoo or Hotmail or can be installed software such as Outlook and Lotus Notes. One thing they have in common is that, well, they are not all common. Meaning, just because a message looks good in one of them, does not mean it looks and functions properly in all of them. Reviewing what your message actually looks like in the most popular email readers is critical. Take a peek at a MediaPost email in two different readers. In Outlook XP, with images on, it looks fine--but in Lotus Notes with images on, it's another story altogether! Worth fixing? We think so.

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The Best And Worst Of Email Marketing in 2006

Forrester applied its Email Marketing Review methodology to 63 email programs from the business products and services, consumer goods, financial services, media, retail, and travel industries. They published the results in their new report "The Best And Worst Of Email Marketing in 2006".

Only one email program scored a passing grade. The main problem areas are: online registration, email design basics and staying customer-centric.

The report includes an Email Evaluation Scorecard that you can use to:

  • assess the current state of all your company's email programs and to standardize their quality.
  • review other email programs for best practices.
  • constantly refine your email program.

Click here to order the full report ($279).

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Authentication Summit 2007

On 18 and 19 April the Authentication Summit 2007 takes place in Boston. It's a two-day intensive program focused on online authentication, identity and reputation.  Summit 2007 builds upon the success of the past two Summits, with several enhancements including expanding the event to 2 full days, and three tracks, highlighting best practices in email, Web and domain authentication.

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The Seven Best Ways to Boost Deliverability in 2007

If your delivery rates have fallen into the basement, it can be next to impossible to find out which e-mail crime you committed. Most likely, it was a host of offenses, including buying or renting dirty mailing lists and ignoring spam complaints.

Don't know where to start to identity your greatest deliverability inhibitors? Check out these seven sure-fire deliverability boosters and see where you need to upgrade your program. Any changes you make should result in a marked increase in delivery rates.

  1. Immediately Engage Recipients With Permission-Based E-Mail
  2. Clean Up Message Content
  3. Study Delivery Reports
  4. Build ISP and Blacklist Relationships
  5. Resolve Spam Complaints Promptly
  6. Clean Your Lists Regularly
  7. Authenticate Yourself

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The New Era of Email Marketing - Webinar

StrongMail Systems is hosting a webinar called "The New Era of Email Marketing - Key Strategies for protecting your company's brand and reputation" on January 18a at 2pm GMT

The webinar will focus on email authentication and the factors that drive sender reputation, brand perception and deliverability.

Attendees will be provided with step-by-step strategies for implementing a successful email authentication programme and for safeguarding sender reputation to maximize deliverability.

Click here for more info.

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20 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Email Marketing Agency

Paula Skaper is frequently asked what makes a good email marketing agency – and how to separate the good from the mediocre. While it’s true that anyone who has a basic understanding of HTML can code an email message, it takes a real specialist to create a message that works equally well in the 35+ possible environments, with graphics on and graphics off, with preview mode on and off. And even the most talented designer in the world won’t help if the technology is limited, or deliverability is bad. Or worse – you can’t know what’s working because the reporting is incomplete!

So she came up with a list of 20 questions to ask when evaluating an email marketing agency.

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