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Authentication Summit 2007

The Seven Best Ways to Boost Deliverability in 2007

If your delivery rates have fallen into the basement, it can be next to impossible to find out which e-mail crime you committed. Most likely, it was a host of offenses, including buying or renting dirty mailing lists and ignoring spam complaints.

Don't know where to start to identity your greatest deliverability inhibitors? Check out these seven sure-fire deliverability boosters and see where you need to upgrade your program. Any changes you make should result in a marked increase in delivery rates.

  1. Immediately Engage Recipients With Permission-Based E-Mail
  2. Clean Up Message Content
  3. Study Delivery Reports
  4. Build ISP and Blacklist Relationships
  5. Resolve Spam Complaints Promptly
  6. Clean Your Lists Regularly
  7. Authenticate Yourself

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Source: ClickZ

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