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Christmas 2006: Email Related Seasonal Trends

Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI in 2007 - Webinar

On January 17th Lyris and Direct Magazine are hosting a webinar called "Email Marketing Playbook: Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI in '07".

In this one-hour webinar, Dave Dabbah and Ken Magill will discuss the tactics and strategies you should be sure to start including in your 2007 email campaigns -- and some of the rookie mistakes that you should avoid--including:

  • Ways to increase your opt-in email list: best practices (and a few of the worst)
  • Different approaches for B2B and B2C companies for list-building
  • Three ways to keep your customers and prospects continually engaged
  • How to increase your marketing program's ROI through email
  • Top three ways to improve your email's deliverability

This presentation is designed for experienced email marketers looking for new ideas for improving their email marketing programs.

Register here.

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