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Which Email Tests Work Best?

In November MarketingSherpa's research team conducted the largest-ever survey of email marketers in the world. One of their critical questions was: Which creative email tests give the best ROI (return on investment)?

Chart: Email Tests – B-to-C Marketers Evaluate ROI

Source: MarketingSherpa, Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, November 2006

They chose the six most-common creative tests to ask about. The biggest result: testing in and of itself increases ROI. In every case more than 50% of marketers improved ROI (even if only moderately) by testing.

The top three best ROI tests were more to do with words (copy, offer, subject line) than they were with design or graphics.

They also found out that the landing page is critical. The email department has to have a heavy hand in the Web design team's ongoing tests and decisions. Email can't be an isolated department down the hall anymore and your email analytics are not complete at just open and click, you have to include Web data after the click.

Read more about this in MarketingSherpa's Email Marketing Benchmark Survey.

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