Redesign Your Email Templates For Shorter And Narrower Preview Panes
Your Email Program May Be Costing You More Than You Think

Your 10-point Email Check-Up Plan

How do your email program perform according to these essential diagnostics?

1. Test your opt-in process to make sure it works and to see how it functions from the user's reference point.
2. Have a human monitor all incoming mailboxes.
3. Review message content, design and performance across platforms and email clients.
4. Optimize both ends of the email relationship.
5. Review all co-registration sources, and monitor by source to see how they perform.
6. Test all links in all email messages, transactional as well as commercial, especially your unsubscribe link.
7. Review your message templates to check codes, CAN-SPAM compliance, usability, potential spam content and working links.
8. Evaluate message design for blocked images and preview panes.
9. Review message frequency and sending schedule.
10. Keep your list clean with periodic removal of inactive addresses.

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