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10 Tactics To Increase Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

How do you grow your in-house list and deliver messages that prompt sales? In this article, Ken Burke offers these 10 tactics to increase your email marketing effectiveness:

1. Give email sign-ups pride of place.
2. Integrate email sign-ups into the purchase process.
3. If you’re a multichannel merchant, use offline opportunities to drive online sign-ups.
4. Seal the deal with incentives and reassurance.
5. Promote a bonus incentive, such as a discount on the next purchase, to enlist new subscribers.
6. Offer prize contests and incentivized refer-a-friend campaigns.
7. Reassure shoppers that they won’t get more than they bargained for.
8. Provoke continuing interest with tailored, timely offers.
9. Segment your list by asking customers to select their interests and frequency.
10. Track email list subscribers who create wish lists, save items for later or abandon shopping carts, and contact them with offers.

You don’t need to parse reams of demographic data or manage dozens of custom campaigns to use your email list effectively. Using these simple but nuanced tactics, you’ll soon attract new subscribers—and more revenue.

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