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Fundamentals Of Marketing Via Transactional Emails

In this article, Vistaprint's Trynka Shineman explains how you can drive first-purchase conversions and increase repeat purchases through transactional emails.

"Using transactional emails to cross sell and to offer benefits when the open rates are known to be high is a perfect way to get your message across, create loyalty and make the customer aware of other things you have to offer.", she says.

Here's what she suggests:

1. Introduce relevant offers. Cross selling a complementary product in order-confirmation emails is one example. Reminding customers who have abandoned baskets to complete their transaction is another example.

2. Create promotions or triggers tied to a specific customer behavior. Examples of created events/triggers (in addition to required password reminder/order/shipping confirmation emails) are expiring customers' baskets, a one-year anniversary and backordered items back in stock.

3. Pay attention to deliverability. Not only are these e-mails a great marketing tool, but they are critical for customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Use HTML instead of text format. Images provide a vehicle to showcase products and draw attention to offers. It also allows the information to be structured in an efficient way, including positioning your logo and offers to create a strong call to action while the primary purpose of the e-mail is kept intact.

She finishes by saying that you should "take advantage of the opportunities presented in transactional e-mails. It's a perfect way to deliver value and relevant messages to the customers you've already worked so hard to secure."

Source: DMNews

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