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The Deliverability State of the Union Webinar

A free, one-hour webinar from Epsilon

When: Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

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From default image suppression, to the launch of feedback loops and third party accreditation programs, last year was an especially pivotal one for the rapidly evolving email delivery landscape.  Although the challenges remained plentiful, many will remember 2006 as a critical turning point when the road to the inbox became paved with promising new opportunities.

Join Epsilon for a recap of all the year’s most important trends, developments and research on the ISP, industry self-regulatory and government policy fronts, and learn where your focus needs to be to optimize your customer relationships, deliverability and email marketing ROI in 2007 and beyond.

Attendees will discover:

  • Why creative design and rendering optimization has emerged as one of today’s top concerns
  • How increased spending on database technology and growth is poised to redefine leading marketers’ deliverability challenge in 2007
  • Key insights, best practices, research and lessons learned related to email authentication, image suppression, international policy developments, and many other critical issues.

Attendees will receive a free copy of Epsilon's forthcoming white paper "Deliverability Year in Review 2006"

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How Much Is An Email Address Worth To Your Business?

by David Baker

On the surface of it, measuring the value of email marketing is simple: 1,000 emails go out, 995 were delivered, 300 unique people viewed the message in HTML, 100 clicked on one of more links, and 30 purchased something. Anyone can make sense of this logic. Thus, based on a causal relationship to direct response, anyone can demonstrate the value of the email channel to a business.

However, few people in our space have found a formula that represents the true or implied value of an email address to a business. This is why many will ask, "how should I build an email database?" I've written a few articles on this concept of the value of an email address and talked with a great many others who struggle with this type of valuation.

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Five Factors That Can Make Or Break The Effectiveness Of Your Email Campaign

In this article, Jeanne Jennings looks at five factors (apart from subject line and sender) that can make or break your message's effectiveness when images are blocked.

1. Visible headlines
Headlines can make or break an e-mail. They can engage readers immediately or send them to the next message. Format headlines in rich text rather than images. That way, you're 100 percent certain they're seen, even if images are suppressed.

If recipients don't know what the message is about, what's their incentive to download the images? This is why having a headline that's visible, even when the images aren't, is useful.

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Six Ways To Improve Your Email List

Email deliverability begins and ends with the quality of your list. ISPs are on the lookout for signs that your list is not so good-- namely, too many bounces from outdated addresses and spam complaints from wary recipients. Both of these red flags are avoidable-- if you follow permission-marketing best practices.

The first tenet of permission-based marketing is that permission is not optional, negotiable or something you can kinda, sorta pretend that you have. People either want to hear from you or they don’t.


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