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US E-mail Marketing Consumer Survey

Jupiterresearch released a new report this week called "US E-mail Marketing Consumer Survey - E-mail Marketing Attitudes and Behavior". Here the executive summary and the key questions that it answers:

Forty-three percent of e-mail users believe signing up for permission-based e-mail from retailers and banks leads to more unsolicited e-mail, while nearly one-third believe the unsubscribe button in e-mail offers does not work.

Despite such attitudes signaling an erosion of confidence, nearly one-half of online users opting in to receive e-mail marketing messages have been influenced to make purchases from them.

Increasing e-mail volumes, changes in composition of messages in the inbox, and use of secondary e-mail accounts will continue to challenge marketers to cut through the clutter.

Key questions that are answered in this report:

  • How many consumers purchase from e-mail marketing messages, and how many messages do they receive?
  • Which types of messages are consumers most interested in receiving?
  • How much confidence and trust do consumers have in e-mail marketing messages?

You can purchase the report here.

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