Email Spending is on the Rise
What Makes People Open and Read Email?

What's the Impact Of Image Rendering on Your Email Campaign?

Want to know the answer to these questions?

1. I already get a test message from my [designer/agency/esp/design-software] and review it before I mail. I don’t understand what all the hoopla is about — isn’t what I see what my customers will see?

2. Doesn’t my [Agency, Designer, ESP] already QA my email in the various email readers for me?

3. Are images “off” by default in every email reader/client?

4. I was told using Goodmail turns my images on everywhere. Is this true?

5. Some third-party companies offer you the ability to get “white listed” and thus say the images render. Is this true?

6. Do I have to pay somebody in order to view what my email looks like in the various email readers?

7. If images are off, doesn’t the text version of my email show?

8. If images are off, do ALT-TAGs always show?

9. Our email design software already has a built-in HTML Validator. Isn’t this good enough?

10. Why all the hoopla about the preview pane — is it important?

11. Does my design affect my delivery, reputation, and/or ROI?

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