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A Little Bit Of Everything - part II

As promised (just a little later than expected) here's an overview of the most interesting email marketing related articles that were published in the last couple of weeks:

Design & Layout:
In this article, Justin Premick explains why you should continue to take care of the plain text versions of your emails. In this article, he talks about how to design them so that you get the best ROI of that extra time spent.

Email Vendor Selection:
In this article, Christopher Marriott outlines four mistakes you should try to avoid when you're selecting an email service provider.

He tells us we should avoid the standard RFP approach, not to let the procurement people run the selection process, not to expect too much from email tests but rather make sure to get to know the people who might be handling your account and last but not least, be wary of "bundles" that sound like you're going to save money and get the same level of support by combining your email marketing with your ecommerce provider/ advertising agency/ CRM partner/ dry cleaner. Most of the time "The Bundle" only shifts your email costs to another part of your budget with that partner.

Read the full article and found out what you should do when selecting an ESP.

In this article, Dave Dabbah tries to answer the question "how often should you email your subscribers?".

List management:
In this article, Bill Nussey provides five core strategies to encourage people not only to join your list but continue to respond over the long term.

Basically you need to make it easy for people to sign up for your list but don't ask too many questions on the subscription form. You can gather that info later on. Once they're signed up you need to make sure to allocate frequency either by specifying how many emails a person should receive in a particular span of time or by using a calendar to plot out the timing of email sends. Make sure to practice good list hygiene and remove hard bounces from your list immediately. Above all, you need make sure that each message you send is so interesting and beneficial that it will make the recipient eagerly anticipate the next one.

This new site claims to be "the first centralized online repository of statistics and research specific to the email marketing industry".

Subject Lines:
In this article, Stefan Pollard talks about how spammy subject lines can hurt the deliverability of your campaigns. "Not only must subject lines be eye-catching, informative, and brief, they must also assure recipients they come from a trusted source."

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