Speaking at a Swedish Email Marketing Conference this Week
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It's Been A Busy Couple Of Weeks...

I haven't been posting the last couple of weeks and that's basically because I've been too busy travelling and making up for it by spending some quality time with Wim, my partner in life.

On the work front I've been busy creating our very first outsourced email campaign - and it's been a great experience so far. I can't stress enough that when you decide to outsource your email campaigns to an agency, you should chose an agency that has proven experience with email marketing. They need to know the specifics of designing and writing copy for email rather than for print or the web.

Last week I gave a presentation at an email marketing conference in Stockholm which was organized by DF Kompetens and L-Soft. It was the first time I spoke at a public event and I loved it! I love sharing knowledge and helping other people but I've always been afraid of actually standing in front of an audience of total strangers and talk about it. But it was great! The audience was great and they asked a lot of questions, the other speakers were very inspiring and Stockholm is a lovely city! Many thanks to Outi, David, Eric and the others for inviting me!

I'd love to do this more often, so if you're organizing an email marketing event and you want someone to come and talk about email marketing, let me know! :)

I'm on a plane to the US as I'm writing this, so I have plenty of time to go through the hundreds of unread emails in my mailbox. Most of them are newsletters about email marketing and other internet marketing related subjects. Instead of writing a dozen of new posts, I'll give you an overview of the most interesting articles in a separate post.

As I said, I'm on a plane to the US where I will be attending MarketingSherpa's Email Summit in Miami on Monday and Tuesday. So look out for some interesting learnings over the next couple of days. Actually, the nice folks at Citrix will be hosting a web seminar next Friday where they will share some of the learnings, you might want to sign up for it. I'll be in New York on Friday, and if my hotel room has an internet connection I'll try to attend as well!

On another note, I have received about 30 responses to my reader survey. The responses I received so far are very insightful and I will share them with you soon.

One thing that seems to be coming back is this: you want me to write more about my own experiences and/or give my own perspective to the articles that I post. Well, it's never really been the intention of this blog to do this - I already spend so many hours just reading and posting the best articles I read, I just don't have the time to add more of my own perspective for the time being. But I will definitely keep it in mind and I will try to do it when time permits!

Many thanks to those that have already completed my survey! If you haven't filled it out yet, please do so now! Ideally I'd love to get at least 100 responses from you...

Well, that's it for now. I'm looking forward to spending an interesting week in the States, mixing both business and pleasure. If you happen to be at the Email Summit, please come and say hi - I'll be at the eec networking meeting on Sunday as well as the Email Roundtable networking event on Monday. On Wednesday you'll find me sightseeing in the Everglades and from Thursday to Saturday I'll be in New York.

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