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In this blog post, Janine Popick urges all of us NOT to look at the email campaigns of the "big boys" of retailing as a source of creative ideas because they don't necessarily have it down when it comes to email marketing best practices.

I totally agree with her: I, too, receive lots of email campaigns in my inbox every day of big retailers that don't seem to get it right. The emails are gorgeous -- once you download the images. But knowing that most email clients block images by default, a lot of people won't even see these gorgeous emails -- if they even make it to the inbox in the first place.

Janine added a couple of screenshots to her post so you can see what she means. I've also made some screenshots of what a couple of European retailers recently sent me:


Dellnoimages Dellimages
without images with images

This email has quite a bit of text, however, they decided to just cut up the design. Notice how they did not even bother to add ALT-tags to at least give some incentive for the user to download the images. In this case, it's fairly simple to create an HTML version of the original artwork that is not so image-heavy.

3 Suisses:

3suissesnoimages 3suissesimages
without images with images

What's missing here? No ALT-tags, no height & width defined for the images. What a missed opportunity...


Pixmanianoimages Pixmaniaimages
without images with images

Same here: they should have created an HTML version of the original artwork that is not so image-heavy.

So why do these and a lot of other retailers continue to do this? I guess the main reason is "because it's easy". You just ask a designer to design something beautiful, slice it up, drop the images in your email template and off you go.

As Janine says on her blog: "I hope that you're not looking to the big boys of retail to copy their email campaigns because, well, they're just wrong."

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