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Bounce Management Best Practices

In part four of his "how-to" series, Spencer Kollas takes a look at bounce management best practices.

Bounce management is the process of taking the correct action on the error/failure codes that you receive from ISPs and other domains after sending out your email.

Why should you care?

First of all proper bounce management provides you with invaluable data on your use of email and the ROI that comes from it. By keeping track of this information and applying it back to your conversion numbers, you can leverage the data to improve your ROI.

Secondly, bounce management data enables you to keep your lists clean and to maintain or restore contact with customers. With proper bounce management, you are able to remove bad addresses and take action to restore communications.

And last but not least, a good bounce management system will provide you with tons of information for diagnosing issues with your marketing practices (data capture, targeting, etc.) and for taking the corrective action that will ensure both a good reputation and better deliverability. Make sure to review your data regularly, as this will allow you to identify issues quickly, such as if certain receivers are blocking your email.

Continue reading here to find out what makes a good bounce management system.

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