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Renting Email Lists - Costs, Deliverability & Targeting

There are plenty of email lists to choose from, and they cover just about every niche imaginable. From talking to several list brokers, the size of the industry is anywhere from 5,000 lists to 20,000. The B-to-B list rental business is healthy and centered on reputable publishers who still command value and trust. The B-to-C list industry is less organized, and many lists aren't worth a dime. But if done properly, you can succeed.

Read this article by MarketingSherpa to learn:

  • What's a list rental and what should you ask your list broker
  • Which lists work best, plus costs to rent them
  • Deliverability and CAN-SPAM considerations
  • Creative that works best
  • Measurement and considerations when conducting a list rental test

This article is the first of 2.

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