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Three Simple Ways to Get Subscribers More Engaged

In this blog post, Margaret Farmakis offers these three tips to get your subscribers more engaged:

  • Give them a choice. One size doesn't fit all, so provide meaningful options at sign up. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to create more emails. If you are sending weekly now, you might do better to make them four monthly emails that readers can choose from. You'll be sending fewer emails per subscriber, but their engagement level will go up. Don't forget to create preference centers where they can manage their accounts.
  • Ask for their opinions through interactive surveys. Supply them with the option to participate in the relationship, and make this easy for them to do.
  • You can't engage if your email doesn't arrive. Ask permission to be in the subscriber's personal address book. According to an Epsilon study, 78% of respondents have added a trusted email marketer to their whitelist, yet only 57% report being given that option by marketers. There's just no excuse for marketers to lose out on such a simple opportunity to get their emails to the inbox and, in some cases, rendered with images.

If subscribers value what you're sending, they'll keep reading it. Build on this value over time and you'll establish a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. In fact, subscribers will not only come to associate your brand with fun, interesting email, they'll come to expect it from you. That's a win-win situation for everyone.

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