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W3C HTML Mail Workshop in Paris Next Month

W3C is holding a Workshop to discuss HTML in email on May 24 in Paris, France. As Mathew says on his blog:

"This is a significant event, because it shows that the people involved in formulating and setting web standards recognize that HTML in email is worthy of more time and effort than it has received in the past. It's great news for everyone who has been frustrated by inconsistent support for html in email clients, and is tired of explaining that html can actually improve the experience for people receiving email if done right."

The W3C would like to hear from direct marketers, online retailers and companies using HTML emails
as their default format, to gather requirements, hear triumphs and horror stories, and prioritize plans for future technical work.

Position papers will be the basis for discussions at the Workshop. Accepted papers will be made publicly available.

Candidate Topics for Position Papers are:

  • Why HTML email is mandatory for newsletters and ads
  • Good and bad stories from direct marketers and online retailers
  • Interoperability problems in mail user agents
  • Editing HTML content for email
  • What needs to be done to have JavaScript enabled in email ?
  • Browsing and Authoring "Decorative mail services" on Mobile phone in Japan
  • etc.

Presenters will be asked to make the slides of the presentation available on the workshop home page in HTML, or plain text.

Position papers must be submitted via email to HTML mail public list no later than 21 April 2007. Early submissions are appreciated.

The Workshop is free, and open to both W3C Members and to non-members.

Read more here.

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