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Windows Live Hotmail Unsubscribe Function

Microsoft last August answered e-mail marketers’ calls to include an unsubscribe button in its interface so consumers will be less likely to mistakenly report permission-based commercial e-mail as spam.

The unsubscribe link appears in place of the report-and-delete button on some e-mails in Windows Live Hotmail, the free e-mail service replacing classic Hotmail.

To get the unsubscribe button to appear, the marketer must add a piece of code to the headers of outbound e-mail. Instructions on how to do this can be found at The sender must also be on the receiver’s safe list, or Sender Score Certified by deliverability firm Return Path.

A reader who hits the unsubscribe button is taken to a Web page created by the marketer where they can indicate specifically what they want to opt out of.


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