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8 Seconds to Capture Attention: Landing Page Report

50 percent of visitors to landing pages will bail after a cursory 8-second glance. Successful landing pages must grab attention quickly and not require a great deal of effort on the part of prospects.

In their latest study called "8 Seconds to Capture Attention: Silverpop's Landing Page Report," (of which the results were presented at the Email Insider Summit in May) Silverpop found that some landing pages quickly grab attention and keep readers interested, while others are easily dismissed and quickly discarded.

Following are just a few of the key findings from the report.

Matching the look of the email: the confusion of arriving at a Web page that doesn't match the look and tone of the email can lead visitors to abandon the site. Yet 35 percent of the landing pages reviewed by Silverpop didn't have the same look or tone of the email that generated the click. Twenty-nine percent of BtoC companies posted landing pages that didn't match the email, compared to 41 percent of BtoB companies.

Repeating the email's call-to-action: to reinforce the call-to-action that generated the email recipient to click a link in the first place, best practice is to repeat the offer on the landing page. Yet a surprising number of marketers failed to do so. In fact, 45 percent of landing pages didn't repeat the strong promotional copy found in the email.

Jumping to the home page: catapulting a clicker to a Web site's home page generally fails to deliver on the promise inherent in the email's call-to-action. Yet 17 percent of email marketing campaigns dumped recipients there.

Including email opt-in requests: customers and prospects can end up at a landing page via a variety of routes, especially if someone on your email list forwarded the message. To capture the email addresses of those who have arrived at your landing page without being in your database, its essential to ask them to register. Yet 35 percent of the landing pages didn't include an opt-in request.

Download the report here and learn how your landing pages compare with other marketers' attempts to lead customers from clicks to conversions.

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