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My HTML Buttons Don't Render Correctly in Windows Live Hotmail

For a while now I've been using HTML buttons in my emails rather than image buttons. However, I've noticed that I can't get them to render correctly in Windows Live Hotmail. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

This is the HTML code I'm using:

<TABLE cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=300 align=left border=0>
  <TD align=right width=10><IMG height=40 src="" width=11></TD>
  <TD align=center bgcolor=#c70000><A href="#"><FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color=#ffffff size=2><STRONG><U>Click here to view samples</U></STRONG></FONT></A> </TD>
  <TD width=7><IMG height=40 src="" width=10></TD>

This is what it's supposed to look like:


And this is what it looks like in Windows Live Mail:


See what it does at the bottom of the button? That's what I'm desperately trying to fix. Any ideas? Anyone?

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