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What's the Difference Between Confirmed and Double Opt-in?

Selling Ad Space to the Highest Bidder

I frequently get requests from advertisers that would like to advertise their services on my blog. However, I have no idea what to charge for a banner. So I decided to do what we recommend our professional eBay sellers to do: I will list the ad space on eBay and see what advertisers are willing to pay for it.

So, if you are interested in placing a 468x60 horizontal banner on my blog for 1 month*, go ahead and place your bid on eBay now! The only requirement that I have for this banner is that it has to be email marketing related. I do not accept banners that are off-topic for this ad placement.

Some statistics: this blog has approximately 3,500 monthly unique visitors and 8,500 monthly page views.

Bidding starts from $1. Bid now!

This feels like I'm writing the copy for an eBay email campaign :)

*The banner will be placed in the top left corner on the homepage of this blog (right below the navigation bar and right above the first post). If you have any questions regarding this auction, let me know!

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