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What is Better for Conversion: Buttons or Text Links?

Chad White looked at recent emails from the 100 top online retailers that he tracks via RetailEmail.Blogspot to see whether they used links or buttons more often for their calls-to-action.

What he found is that 60% of top online retailers preferred links in general for their primary calls-to-action, while 40% favored buttons. For their secondary calls-to-actions (those following the primary/main message of the email), retailers had an even stronger bias toward call-to-action links, with 86% using links and 14% using buttons.

What do you think? Do calls-to-action perform better as links or buttons? The Email Experience Council would love to get your input. Just visit the EEC homepage and take the one-question survey there or post your view in the Rendering, Design & Coding section on the email marketing forum.

Source: Email Insider

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