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6 Key Areas That Affect Deliverability

Email Deliverability and Reputation Management Webinar

This Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time, WhatCounts will host a webinar on the subject of Email Deliverability and Reputation Management for the new email marketing landscape.

Justin Foster will moderate a panel consisting of Michelle Eichner, Co-Founder & VP Client Services at Pivotal Veracity, and John Karpovich, Founder at Port25 Solutions. He promises to deliver some takeaways you have not seen before and a lot of great educational content that will broaden your understanding of email deliverability and sender reputation.

Topics include:

  • Email deliverability in a nutshell
  • Sender reputation in the deliverability landscape
  • How different ISPs handle reputation
  • How marketers in three different situations can best manage reputation and deliverability:
  • Email marketers sending to a house list in a primarily retention program
  • Email marketers embarking on a new email acquisition strategy
  • Email marketers moving to a new vendor/ESP or IP address
  • How email marketing infrastructure can impact reputation and deliverability
  • Top deliverability myths to look out for.

Register here.

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