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Learning to Let Go: Be Very Careful with Confirmation Reminders

How Fit Is Your Email Program? Take the Test!

The following best practices quiz has been developed within the context of a customer email program and is the starting point for any marketer interested in improving the health of its email program. All best practices go beyond legal matters to ethical issues of treating customers with respect for their preferences, but it's even more true of email marketing.

The Questions:

1. Stop contact to inactive addresses (no clicks/opens) within:
a) three months
b) six months
c) one year
d) never

2) Stop contact to addresses after how many soft bounces in a month:
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

3) If you choose to reconfirm opt-in status, after how many attempts should you stop:
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

4) Newly appended e-mail addresses should be:
a) mailed immediately
b) mailed in waves
c) added into regular contact cycle

5) Keep your customer unsubscribe rate below:
a) 0.2 percent of mail sent
b) 0.3 percent of mail sent
c) 0.4 percent of mail sent
d) 0.5 percent of mail sent

6) Keep your spam complaint rate below:
a) 0.2 percent of mail sent
b) 0.5 percent of mail sent
c) 1 percent of mail sent
d) 1.5 percent of mail sent

7) What minimum of data on proof of permission must be collected for each e-mail address you contact:
a) date/time of opt-in
b) source (URL, reply card, etc.)
c) IP address
d) A & B only
e) A & C only
f) all of the above

8) Do you send out differentiated welcome e-mails:
a) yes
b) no

9) Are you sending your e-mail through an authentication source:
a) yes
b) no

Take the quiz first, then click here to see how well your company’s practices align with what the industry experts had to say on key program guidelines; if you’re not on the same page, it’s a signal to conduct a deeper investigation into your entire program to identify weak spots.

Source: Target Marketing.

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