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How to Score With Transactional Messages

When leveraged properly, transactional messages can strengthen customer loyalty, provide a complete view of the customer lifecycle and increase sales, says email and database marketing provider e-Dialog in their report, How to Optimize Transactional Email Messages.

Today, email messages serve several purposes, including facilitating, completing or confirming a commercial transaction the recipient previously agreed to enter into with the sender. These messages include warranty, recall and safety or security information; customer service notices; subscription/membership status or account information; information related to employment relationship or benefits; and confirmation of delivery of goods or services, including updates or upgrades.

These transactional messages receive very high open rates and likely are sent from an IT or e-commerce system, not from the same email marketing platform that promotional emails are sent. The logical question then becomes, how do catalogers and multichannel merchants get the most value from their transactional messages? Here are a few tips from e-Dialog’s report.

  • Enhance messages with HTML. This allows you to quickly and easily customize the text, formatting, graphics and links of these messages.
  • Increase acquisition by adding an opt-in field. This way, by encouraging recipients who have given their email address for transactional purposes, you can entice them also to sign up for promotional mailings. List the benefits they gain by doing this.
  • Include dynamic content. Add text and imagery making the message relevant to the recipient. For instance, include an image of the product they’ve just purchased in their order confirmation or warranty recall.
  • Improve deliverability. Add a link at the top of the email encouraging recipients to whitelist the “from” to ensure your messages end up in their inbox.

Above all else, marketers should integrate the strategies and tactics used to optimize promotional messages into all transactional messages, e-Dialog suggests. Find a solution that handles automated composition, delivery, tracking and reporting of transactional and promotional emails. This provides a complete, integrated view of all customer email communications, helping marketers to plan, execute and measure a well-rounded contact strategy.

Source: CatalogSuccess

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