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An Interesting Multi-Channel Approach

It's part of human nature that makes us helpers.  My kids are always asking if they can help cook dinner, wash the car, and put away groceries.  Why?  Because it makes them feel good to help.

Chadwicks_2 It's no wonder when I saw the subject line in a message from Chadwick's today I immediately opened the message.  "Please help our design team & get $20 off". 

They even said "Please".

By voting on my favorite cover for the upcoming fall catalog I can get $20 off my order of $80 or more. 

I clicked on my favorite and received the code.  The message on the landing page said "Look for your new Fall catalog in the mail"

Chadwicks_thank_you_2 This is a great multi-channel approach that really engages subscribers.  Now I have an opportunity to save if I order between now and August 27th and I will be paying close attention to my traditional mail over the next several weeks to see if the cover I selected was the winner. 

And, I'll probably make another purchase then too.

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