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And in Contrast...

Yesterday, I wrote about a message footer that could use some help and had a faint odor of spamminess.  Today, I have a better example of a footer from one of my favorite email marketing campaigns, Road Runner Sports.

Rr_sports_footer_2 The 60 day guarantee banner, with it's bold color signals a break in the reader's mind. Just beneath the banner Road Runner Sports includes a forward to a friend link, which it should, but I am always amazed by the number of messages from retailers that don't include it.

And while the message footer playfully calls the footer fine print, it is all very clear in a nice large font.  There is a reminder of the benefit of being a VIP and then a phone number if subscribers need or want the human touch.

The next paragraph requests that subscribers add the from address to their address book to ensure delivery.  They actually take it a step further and include a link to directions for nine separate email clients.  This page is from their ESP, e-Dialog.  I really like the link to a directions page.  As email marketers we shouldn’t assume that all of our subscribers are tech-savvy.  We have gotten them as far as opening  our messages, let’s lend them a hand where we can.

After the obligatory address are links to unsubscribe, customer service, the privacy policy, and store locations.  The links are blue, except the unsubscribe link, which is orange.  There may be some that think this calls attention to the link and may result in unnecessary opt-outs, but I beg to differ.

When subscribers are ready to opt-out, let them go gracefully.  I don't think the orange link is pushing people out the door.  If anything, it calls attention to the fact that it is different.  Although Road Runner Sports uses orange as one of their main colors, I think it serves a dual purpose  as a  sign of caution, as if, be careful if you click here.

Overall, a great footer that other could emulate. 

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