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Best of Blue :: Compelling Enough to Click

Best_of_blueThe latest email from Kmart has an interesting feature that encourages clicks from curious subscribers like me. 

Although the main body of the message, which was focused on dorm needs (and camping), may lose some subscribers before they scroll to the bottom - I almost didn’t make it down that far.  With the elementary school set in my house, it’ll be long enough before we’re searching for dorm essentials.

The bottom of the message features the Best of Blue, which Chad White wrote about earlier this month.  “Shedding light on the great products Kmart has to offer.”  The links on the first question mark brought me to a page of jeans and the second link brought me to  a page bras. 

While I’m not in love with the placement of this feature in the message, it was interesting enough for me to click.  What if it was something I didn’t know I had to have?  Kmart has a great opportunity to get those clicks and keep subscribers engaged by providing relevant clicks.  It will be interesting to see how these links will play out over time.

I am curious to know what other links were possibilities.  Chad,  and others, care to weigh in?

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