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Components of a Successful Welcome Email

A welcome email should come immediately after sign-up. It should thank users for opting in, explain what they can expect from your email program and get them excited to receive the next one.

In this article, Whitney Hutchinson says these are the components of a successful welcome email:

  1. Personalization - Starting off your relationship with a personal tone is key to driving great experiences and a good first impression. Utilize as much known information as possible.
  2. Benefits of Sign-Up - Highlighting the benefits of your email program and creating a sense of exclusivity can make your customers feel part of a privileged group. Highlight these benefits and exclusive offers via bullets or call-out boxes within your creative to make sure they are noticed.
  3. Welcome Offer/Prominent Calls to Action - Providing a special welcome offer can immediately make users feel special. Additionally, it's important to get the user to make that first purchase - so anything you can do to get them over that first hurdle will pay off in the long run. Include clear and prominent calls to action throughout your email. Don't go overboard but make sure it's clear to people who want to make a purchase exactly how to do so.
  4. Easy Navigation/Site Introduction - The welcome email can introduce users to your site navigation (via header navigation that is consistent with your site) and also encourage them to click through and explore your site on their own.
  5. Utilization of HTML - Use this message to introduce people to your brand's look, feel and voice.
  6. Tapping Into the Subject Line - If possible, include your welcome message and offer into the subject line.
  7. Account Confirmation - For some, it makes sense to confirm certain aspects of a user's account. A welcome email can be a good vehicle for this. You should encourage users to save the email in order to access this account information in the future.

Read the article here and find some good examples across the industry.

Source: Email Insider

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