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Does Your Subject Match Your Message?

Earlier this month, our friend Mark Brownlow at No Man is an Iland referenced Kelly Mooney’s blog post  about the Gap maybe being too clever with a subject line about Men’s Wear referring to Women’s Fashions.  While not exactly along the same lines, the message I received from Banana Republic, one of the Gap family brands, made me think of the message that particular message.

Banana_republic_2The subject line of today’s message read, "Men's Fall 2007 has arrived..."

But when I opened the message there was nothing at all related to the new men's clothing line.

I actually had to do a double take.  I was captivated by the message that was about the Fall Collection and the banner at the bottom caught my eye.  Letting me know that even more stores are carrying their petite line.  I sat wondering if everyone received the same banner or if I had made that a preference choice.  That train of thought brought me back to the subject line. It didn't match, although I remember specifying Men's fashion as a preference when I registered.  The subject line referenced men's clothing.

Was this is mistake by Banana Republic?  Did they select the incorrect subject line?  I have to think yes.  The subject line just doesn't match the imagery of the message.  With proper testing and greater care, these types of situations can reduce confusion subscribers may feel. 

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