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How to Fix a Damaged Email Reputation?

According to J.F. Sullivan, there is a simple three-step solution to addressing a negative e-mail reputation that will get you back in the fast lane in almost no time.

Step 1: Run a reputation assessment check. Yes, this seems moot. After all, you have already become aware of the problem. However, you might not know the extent of the issue, and that is where an assessment can help. You can never be armed with too much information, and the best way to get started is to gather up as much reputation data as you can.

Step 2: Address all the automated issues you can. Despite appearing to be advanced Harry Potter magic, it’s often a straightforward set of processes and interactions—such as implementing a Web site process or sending an e-mail—that addresses the problem. The key to figuring out which things to do, and in what order, lies in the reputation assessment. Almost all reputation assessments will clearly identify the problems encountered and the specific measures needed to resolve the issue.

Step 3: Prioritize your approach to additional issues. Finally, you should strive for a prioritized approach to resolving nonautomated e-mail reputation issues. Some issues are decidedly more important than others. Not all block lists are created equal; neither are all complaint systems. A reputation assessment will clarify which ones are going to affect your delivery the most and so should be made top priorities.

Source: BtoB

I've listed a number of tools that you can use to check your reputation and to check if your server or IP address is blacklisted or on a spamlist. Check them out at the Email Marketer's Club under the "Resources" tab.

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