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Ramping Up With an Automated Campaign

I was resistant.  I kept saying no.  I refused.  We were not getting Xbox Live. 


The beloved Xbox 360 had to be sent in for a warranty repair.  The fine folks at Microsoft tried and tried and after about six weeks, admitted defeat and sent a brand new Xbox 360 to my house.  Because the machine was gone for the bulk of the summer (pure torture for my ten year old “gamer”) we received a one month complimentary subscription to Xbox Live.

I gave in.

Xbox_live_4 As a part of the sign up process for Xbox Live I had to provide my email address.

There is a lot to Xbox Live.  In an effort to inform new subscribers about all of the features, Xbox Live sent me three emails over the course 12 days. 

I assume this is an automated campaign that rolls the messages out on a predetermined schedule.  Using a recurring messaging feature as a way to welcome new subscribers by showing them the ins and the outs  of all you have to offer is a great way start the relationship.

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