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Will Suspect Words Get You Filtered? It depends!

Melinda Krueger asked some industry experts if suspect words will get you filtered. Here's what they replied:

Loren McDonald (JL Halsey) says content CAN get you filtered, but it is more likely going to be a combination of several words, phrases, not passing SPF tests, using bad code, etc., then combined with your reputation scores….

According to George Bilbrey (Return Path), very few delivery issues are based on keywords. The most common problems are:

  • reputation problems with the server sending the email: high complaint rates, unknown user rates, spam trap hits or bad sending infrastructure make the IP or domain sending the message look bad to the receiver.
  • reputation problems with the content: a message containing a given URL or unusual set of words (typically very specific to a particular message or mailer) hits a lot of spam traps or is complained about a great deal

Josh Baer (Skylist) says it’s worth noting that each ISP is different and while the big ones are more advanced, others are often still archaic. They may be using outdated tactics or old versions of software like SpamAssassin instead of the latest version.

Ray Everett-Church (Habeas) concurs: "Unfortunately many smaller ISPs and untold thousands of businesses are still using filtering/blocking technologies that can only be charitably described as archaic and/or ham-handed."

Source: Email Insider

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