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Design Your Emails so that They Are Easy to Navigate

In his latest Email Insider column, Loren MacDonald tells us that subscribers don’t always read your messages just to see your sales offer or newsletter copy. They might want to unsubscribe or change their preferences, comment on something you wrote or ask a question. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to do what they want to do with your email, not just read the content or take the action you want them to.

Think about all the ways subscribers can interact with you via email, and then review your messages to see how easy or hard it is to accomplish those in your standard email design. Following are some of the more common functions your email should be providing in addition to your core content:

  • Unsubscribe link
  • Link to email preferences/update profile page
  • Ask about a purchase, company policy or content in the message
  • Comment on a story/provide feedback
  • Listing of your email address to be added to subscribers’ safe senders list
  • Link to back issues or other offers, as appropriate
  • Link to Web version
  • Phone, email or mail contact information for newsletter staff or relate departments, such as ad sales or customer service
  • Privacy policy or link to it
  • Forward to a friend instructions
  • Link to related information or offers, products or services at your Web site
  • Description or link to shipping and return policies

Want to rate your email message’s usability? Try this free test.

Source: Email Insider

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