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How to Build a Reputation for a New IP Address

Recipe for a Successful Email Campaign

In this article, Lisa Finfer outlines a four-step process to make sure your email campaign is as successful as it can be. To summarize:

1. Know your audience. What's important to the recipient? What profile characteristics do they have? What are their purchase tendencies or demographics? Obtaining solid recipient data yields long-term benefits and is worth the investment.

2. Be relevant! Spend some time trying to understand how the message can be segmented to different target audiences. Don't send generic email offers to everyone!

3. Create a strong wire frame template. Make sure your brand and offer is recognizable. Make sure the call to action is highlighted correctly (don't hide it at the bottom of the email). Keep your message short and make sure that the top 2-4 inches are used to convince the reader to keep on reading.

4. Manage your frequency. Set expectations by telling your readers about your mailing frequency or find out what the right frequency is by testing it.

Read the full article here.

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