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Email ROI Is Falling

Email Service Providers: AOTA needs your help!

In and effort to help brands and interactive marketers protect their brands from phishing while aiding in the deliverability of their legitimate email and enhancing user trust, the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance ( will be publishing a summary of email service providers and agencies whose solutions include key email authentication protocols.   

Specifically they will be publishing a score card of sorts that will include the support of the following:

  • Sender ID/SPF
  • DomainKeys
  • DomainKeys Identified Email
  • TLS

To be included in this report, they need your company name, domain (with link to any page reference to email authentication) and support of the above mentioned solutions available as of December 1, 2007.  In addition, please provide your contact information so they can follow up.

Please send your submissions to staff [at] aotalliance [dot] org.

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