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Survey Reveals Email as Sales & Marketing Cinderella Story

This report reveals the results of the survey of 1,829 sales and marketing executives, with questions relative to their company’s use of email for sales and marketing, as well as campaign results and budgets.

Email is budget's ugly step-child, yet Cinderalla for leads and sales results, with top ROI
In answers pertaining to marketing budgets, allocations for email marketing software and services remained at the very bottom, under 5% for large businesses and under 10% for small and medium businesses. In sharp contrast, email marketing was consistently a top performer in answers rating marketing campaign success (in terms of sales and lead generation) as well as answers rating the importance of marketing mediums. From participants who answered all related questions, a relative value index was derived which clearly illuminates email at the top for ROI.

Email Marketing ROI

Nearly 84% of businesses have plans to increase use of email for sales and marketing
The vast majority of businesses have plans to increase their use of sales and marketing email, despite prevalence of spam. Nearly 84% of businesses indicated they had plans to increase their use of email for sales, marketing and customer service.
Email Marketing Use

1to1 email follow-up and campaigns to small groups outperforms broadcast email.
Another surprise finding revealed the broadcast marketing mentality and most common email marketing approach, is not the best strategy for producing leads and sales results via email marketing. These survey results highlight the value of putting email marketing technology, including 1to1 personalization and email tracking tools, into the field, including divisional offices, field representatives and sales people.

Email Marketing Success 

Additional findings and complete survey results are available by downloading the full report here.

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