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Email Insider Summit: Is Technology Good or Bad for the Industry?

2008 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Guide

image Today, MarketingSherpa released the 2008 edition of its Email Marketing Benchmark Guide. According to the press release:

"the updated guide delivers exclusive results data from real-life marketers' campaigns. Containing 260-charts and tables, this is the largest and most comprehensive study ever conducted with professional email marketers. Readers will learn how the impact of email marketing has changed over the past year and how to overcome various future challenges of email marketing."

You can buy the Email Benchmark Guide here ($347). As soon as I receive my hardcopy, I will post a review.

Results of the study will be previewed in a teleconference on December 19th. Register here.

Some early highlights reveal that more than a third of in-house emailers don’t have a separate line item in any budget for email marketing. More than two-thirds (68%) of the respondents who said they have no email marketing budget were companies who have more than 100 employees.

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