Email Insider Summit: Is Technology Good or Bad for the Industry?
New Study Shows Shoppers Respond to Email Marketing

Email Insider Summit: David Daniels, Jupiter Media

Dylan posted his notes from David Daniels' session at the Email Insider Summit. Here are some highlights:

  • How are people spending time? Email 87%, Search 70%, Research 64%, Purchase 60%, IM 37%.
    These are the top activities by online consumers, not consumers in general.
  • The average person gets 274 emails a week in personal email.
  • 304 emails a week at work email.
  • 74% of people have 2 email accounts.
  • 8% triage emails with handheld devices. (Growing)
  • 18% of heavy email buyers use their mobile device to deal with emails prior to reading them in the inbox.
  • 26% of the inbox is opt in marketing campaigns, the other 74% of the emails are typical personal or business correspondence.
  • Why people opt out:
    53% of people unsub due to irrelevance.
    40% due to frequency
    26% unsub using this this is Spam or Junk button.

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